It's Hell on Earth in DOOM Eternal


It's official, Bethesda's Doom reboot is getting a sequel. However, as promised, the company still had some surprises for fans, including the announcement of Doom Eternal, the sequel to the well-received 2016 reboot.

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Your DOOM guy will also be even more powerful then before, while it also looks like id Software is bringing Hell on Earth. In it we get to a true post-apocalyptic version of Earth - in that the demons from hell have spawned to level our planet. It will make its full debut at this year's QuakeCon in Dallas this August.

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During Bethesda's annual E3 press conference the company showed a teaser trailer that featured numerous iconic enemies from the series, including the minotaur-like cyber-demon and the giant spider-brains with a mounted laser. That said, given how 2016's "DOOM" offered a fresh take on the original game, "DOOM Eternal" is likely to take the same route. The trailer doesn't show much, but it certainly gets you hyped.

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As the DOOM Slayer, players will return to take theirr vengeance against the forces of Hell.