John Travolta’s ‘Gotti’ Fires Back at Critics After 0% Rotten Tomatoes Score


Who would you trust more? The question is why??? "Trust the people and see it for yourself!" This was followed up by a Tweet from the official Gotti movie Twitter account that stated "Audiences loved Gotti but critics don't want you to see it..." Audiences loved Gotti. Critics put out the hit.

Ah, yes, trust "the PEOPLE!" instead of people who make a living reviewing movies, as they're just "trolls behind a keyboard".

What makes the audience score so suspicious is that it's based on almost 7,000 user ratings.

Despite the negative reviews, the movie holds a 79 percent "fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

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On the surface, it seems critics and audiences don't agree on Gotti.

The new film Gotti, starring John Travolta as infamous crime boss John Gotti, has been brutalized by critics, earning it a 0 percent freshness rating on the popular movie-review aggregation site.

The worst reviewed movie of the year is firing back at film critics.

Variety's review of "Gotti" attached near-praise to Travolta's performance but smeared the film overall. "I believe we created a very compelling campaign".

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Rice's line - that critics have their knives out for Gotti and don't want audiences to see it - is clearly echoed in the movie's TV spot and Twitter feed. This is now obviously part of a concerted marketing strategy to discredit its abysmal reviews and paint critics as out of touch.

One of the film's big sources of financing was MoviePass, an American company that offers cheap cinema tickets in exchange for a monthly subscription; according to the Hollywood Reporter, 40 percent of Gotti's ticket sales came from MoviePass users.

Out of the 58 users, seven had also reviewed just one other movie, American Animals.

It wouldn't be unheard of for a movie's Rotten Tomatoes audience score to be the topic of confusion. It's just possible, we suppose, that those reviews flooded in from MoviePass's unusually keen subscribers.

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