May's Brexit concession only restated existing rules, says Rees-Mogg


MPs in the debate revealed the extent of the behind-the-scenes high drama surrounding the Brexit bill's journey.

"And I think nothing would hurt our democracy more than to give the people the choice and then not to trust their judgment when they give it".

The leader of the pro-EU Tory rebels has denied the Government will fall if it suffers a defeat in the Commons on its flagship Brexit bill.

One lawmaker said May had had no option but to take on the rebels or risk their rebellion growing as she cuts ties with the EU.

Thus, although the vote was still relatively close and Theresa May's leadership ability is constantly being questioned, the one advantage for her leadership is that there is one thing all Conservative MPs can agree on: they don't want to weaken the Prime Minister so much as to allow Mr Corbyn the opportunity of having a go at handling Brexit.

According to an article on Bloomberg on 21 June 2018, chief Tory rebel, Dominic Grieve, backed-down on his demands and said, "I am prepared to accept the government's difficulty and support it".

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Some of her opponents on Brexit may simply have chose to save their energy for later fights on issues such as future trading ties and customs arrangements with the bloc before Britain's scheduled departure in March next year.

In other words, come November, the Government could plough ahead with no deal regardless even if MPs voted to urge it to renegotiate.

"The goal of the latest Grieve ruse is to give parliament the power to delay or stop Brexit", he said.

The House of Commons rejected by 319-303 a proposal to require Parliament's approval before the government agrees to a final divorce deal with the European Union - or before walking away from the bloc without an agreement.

"I can not follow the argument, in fact I think it's nonsense, that somehow this makes it harder for the Prime Minister to do a deal in Brussels".

With the Prime Minister leading a minority government, it is inevitable she will have to make some compromises and concessions to her backbenchers and is in a more vulnerable position in the Commons.

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Mr Davis's statement also mentioned MPs being able to table their own motions and have votes on them.

The amendment now returns to MPs in the elected lower House of Commons, where Conservative rebels will ally with opposition parties in a bid to finally make it law.

Downing Street left no doubt ministers were confident of drafting a motion which Mr Bercow will deem to be unamendable.

"If the motion is not in neutral terms it doesn't meet the requirement of the Act of Parliament".

"Not to have a process in place for what would happen should negotiations collapse would be irresponsible", she warned.

Phillip Lee, who resigned as a government minister in order to back a strengthened role for Parliament, acknowledged there had been a concerted effort to win over would-be rebels, including the "dark arts" of persuasion in the corridors of power. This would effectively give MPs the power to veto a no-deal Brexit.

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Meanwhile, arch Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg said the day's events were a "happy occasion when all may claim an element of success".