Merkel faces 2-week ultimatum to secure asylum deal


The open confrontation between Chancellor and Seehofer lasted for a week, since Merkel prevented minister from presenting his master plan for asylum, with which he wants to expel refugees who reach German borders and whose demand for asylum has been taken in Anor union country.

In addressing further combating the migration crisis, Merkel noted Germany would bar migrants who are already registered in other European nations.

German Interior Minister and leader of the Christian Social Union (CSU) Party Horst Seehofer gestures after giving a press conference after the party meeting at the CSU headquarters in Munich on June 18 2018.

"Whoever knows Europe, realizes this is no easy task", Merkel told reporters in Berlin on Monday after a meeting of her CDU party's executive. If Seehofer actually goes ahead and implements it unilaterally in defiance of Merkel, it could set off a chain of events that would bring down Germany's coalition government.

If Seehofer, who has always been critical of the chancellor, decides to defy her, it could spell an end to the 70-year alliance between his Bavarian conservatives and those whom she represents in the remainder of the country.

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Merkel herself has come a long way since the fall of 2015 when she said that there was no legal limit to the number of people who have a right to asylum and told Germans that "we will manage" the challenge of integrating migrants, many of them from war-torn countries like Syria and Afghanistan.

A government spokesman said Merkel was also seeking talks with some European Union members before the leaders summit but denied a Bild report that she was trying to set up a special summit.

The CSU, which faces regional elections in October, fears it could be toppled from its decades-old perch atop the wealthy southern state by the anti-immigration Alternative for Germany (AfD) party if it does not tighten policy towards migrants.

Merkel and Macron agree that overburdened Mediterranean countries need financial support or incentives, and that the EU's Frontex border force must receive more funding, while Paris also advocates the creation of asylum processing centres in Africa.

A top CSU official, Markus Soeder, insisted: "For us it is clear there will be automatism" and added that the results of the European Union summit would be reviewed by Seehofer.

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Merkel said Monday that she agreed with 62 of the 63 proposals in the plan, which has not yet been published in full.

In opposing Merkel on immigration, the CSU may have a bigger aim, Mayer warns: "Arguably, their real motivation is to push Chancellor Merkel out of her office". They include a deadly 2016 Christmas market attack by a failed Tunisian asylum seeker and the rape-murder in May of a teenage girl, allegedly by an Iraqi.

Two weeks. That is new ultimatum that Bavarian Conservatives impose on Chancellor Angela Merkel to pact with EU partners a formula that allows refugees who have sought asylum in anor European country to be rejected at German borders.

The largest ETF investing in German equities, the iShares MSCI Germany ETF - USD, fell 1.1% on the day and has seen some €239 million in outflows over the past month. And she has stuck to her insistence that there needs to be a European-wide solution to migration issues, despite a lack of progress so far.

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