Michael B. Jordan is back for round 2 in new Creed trailer


The official trailer for Creed II's dropped this morning, featuring shots of the Philadelphia skyline and Laurel Hill Cemetery (where Rocky paramour Adrian is buried).

The film is set to debut on November 21, the day before Thanksgiving. As he faces an opponent with ties to his family's past, Rocky is there by his side through it all.

Jordan, who plays Adonis Creed, shared the trailer on his Instagram account. However, basing Creed 2 on one of the least acclaimed (although most financially successful) entries in the original Rocky series might give one pause.until you watch this trailer.

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Creed II, the eighth installment of the Rocky franchise, officially hits U.S. theaters November 21 and United Kingdom theaters November 30.

Romanian boxer Florian Munteanu, known as "The Big Nasty" is Michael B. Jordan's opponent in the ring in Creed 2.

Adonis says: "I was afraid I couldn't live up to these expectations". The rest shows Creed training under the guidance of his mentor and cornerman Rocky Balboa (Stallone). "Outside, we got nothing".

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I would see this movie for Jordan and Thompson alone, but I'm also a fan of the Rocky franchise and what they did with Creed.

The 71-year-old Golden Globe-winning star and screenwriter then replied: 'That's the same thing that your father said, and he died right here in my hands.

Amid dramatic fight scenes interspersed with images of Creed and his family, the words "There's more to lose than a fight" appear on the screen. Stallone's performance as the iconic Balboa earned him a Critics' Choice Award and a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor as well as an Academy Award nomination.

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