Officer's 'racist' posts key to Sterling Brown suit against Milwaukee police


Sterling Brown filed a lawsuit against the city of Milwaukee and its police department, stemming from an incident in which a stun gun was used during an arrest for a parking violation in January. "Brown on the basis of his race".

"I hope JR Smith double parks in Walgreens handicap Parkin spots when he's in Milwaukee!" the officer, Erik Andrade, wrote.

Brown had been talking with officers while waiting for a citation for illegally parking in a disabled spot outside a Walgreens. Officers swarmed Brown and took him down because he didn't immediately follow orders to remove his hands from his pockets.

An officer in the controversial Sterling Brown arrest spread racist messages on Facebook, according to posts Brown's legal team is using as part of its defense.

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According to the lawsuit, other Facebook posts by Andrade bragged about "overtime pay accompanying the use of force" and denied or downplayed issues of police brutality against African-Americans and mass incarceration of African-Americans. Brown said. In response, the officer said he was trying to prevent Brown from kicking anyone. ". I'm convinced the only way to get this building's attention and the citizens' attention is to file a federal civil rights suit". Nearly immediately, an officer yells: "Taser!"

Six squad cars responded and Brown quickly found himself surround by officers.

Multiple officers surround Brown at his vehicle and ask him questions.

Police Chief Alfonso Morales apologized to Brown last month when body-camera video of the arrest was released.

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The suit contends that the post about Smith "is an admission that (Andrade) and other Defendant officers are allowed to engage in unlawful attacks and arrests of African-Americans without justification and then relish such events without any fear of real discipline", according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Blake sued New York City after surveillance footage showed an officer tackling him in Manhattan.

The suit describes the incident this way: The first officer who approached Brown didn't identify himself as a law enforcement officer, began to question Brown and shoved him.

Brown's vehicle was parked horizontally across two parking spots reserved for people with disabilities. But the news station WISN-TV obtained additional footage that showed Brown handcuffed and on the ground while one officer held the player's shoulder and another stood on one of Brown's ankles.

Brown suffered multiple minor injuries in the fracas and had all charges against him dropped.

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Three officers have been suspended and another eight are required to go through retraining.