OnePlus to launch 5G smartphone next year: CEO Pete Lau


Though buying phones unlocked is common practice around the world, it's still a rarity in the USA, where most people purchase devices via carrier subsidies.

5G phones may still be a distant reality, but OnePlus wants to be ahead in the race. Lau also confirmed OnePlus aims to produce a 5G phone next year. That's because at least one of them will come with 5G support.

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In 2019, OnePlus might finally have a smartphone that's offered via at least one U.S. mobile carrier - after years in which virtually all its handsets have been sold only unlocked in North America, culminating with the OnePlus 6 (released last month). Sales of OnePlus devices recently started at carriers in Europe, and with the U.S. market so much more reliant on carrier sales, it only makes sense to make a push here. Lau isn't saying if the company has started talking with United States carriers for a potential partnership, but he's confident about a consistent, bloatware-free experience will continue to be available on its phones even if carriers try pre-install bloatware.

OnePlus has found tremendous success in a stalling smartphone market.

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During an interview with PCMag, OnePlus CEO Pete Lau said the company was in discussion with U.S. carriers, though he didn't specify which. Lau said that the company prioritizes speed and a bloatware-free experience.

It's not been too long since OnePlus launched the OnePlus 6. This year's iPhone X successors aren't supposed to pack 5G support, because that's not how Apple does things.

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