Online shoppers in IL can expect to pay more in sales tax


The ruling is a victory for big chains with a presence in many states, since they usually collect sales tax on online purchases already. The Supreme Court's ruling requires businesses in one state to enforce the laws of another.

"HOM welcomes the ruling by the Supreme Court.

Sales tax is just one reason consumers are choosing to buy online not the only or top reason and traditional brick-and-mortar retailers need to continue to step up their omnichannel strategies to compete and win in the future".

The case the court ruled on involved a 2016 law passed by South Dakota, which said it was losing out on an estimated $50 million a year in sales tax not collected by out-of-state sellers. The Wayfair decision has an immediate and major impact on retailers of all sizes, but also leaves open numerous unanswered questions.

Bailey said Kentucky is well positioned to begin implementing the law because the state is part of the streamlined sales tax project.

How Does Online Sales Tax Work?

Taxpayers should expect a proliferation of state sales and use tax nexus provisions in the near future that mirror South Dakota's laws and that will seek to further extend the outer bounds of permissible sales and use taxation imposed by the states.

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So looks like most of us have been stiffing our states when it comes to paying sales taxes for online purchases.

He added that most small businesses do not have the time or resources to become tax collectors. Betty Lou Kranz initially anxious about being able to stay in business if she had to track tax rates in hundreds of jurisdictions where her Port Jervis, New York-based company, The Pretzel Princess, sells candy and snacks.

Those third-party merchants have the advantage of using Amazon's internal bookkeeping software to help keep taxes due in order.

"The South Dakota model is a safe bet for states, so it's reasonable for them to start there" said Max Behlke, who directs budget and tax issues at the National Conference of State Legislatures.

South Dakota taxes most products at a single rate, exempts small sellers and doesn't allow retroactive collection.

If you enjoyed the illicit thrill of avoiding the 6.25 percent IL sales tax on Internet purchases of running shoes or steaks, you'll mourn the court's opinion in South Dakota v. Wayfair. The Court's 1986 decision in Complete Auto departed from this rigid analysis, and held that a state may tax interstate commerce so long as the tax (1) applies to an activity with a substantial nexus with the taxing state, (2) is fairly apportioned, (3) does not discriminate against interstate commerce, and (4) is fairly related to the services the state provides. Customers in growing numbers have embraced the convenience and effectively "tax-free" benefits of online shopping, even if they sometimes had to pay for shipping.

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As Justice John Roberts argued in his dissent, "The burden will fall disproportionately on small businesses".

Online giant Amazon already operates in most states, and already collects sales taxes.

As a consumer, within a few months you're likely to pay more for some of your online purchases, especially from smaller retailers. He said the ruling could put small businesses that sell online in a bind.

Wayfair, the lead defendant in the case, said in a statement the company "welcomed the additional clarity" of the ruling. Special interest politics is behind the Supreme Court's decision. Sales taxes change all the time but the Supreme Court decision is likely to produce a massive wave of changes affecting nearly all jurisdictions.

The Trump administration backed South Dakota in the case, urging that Quill be overturned or at least limited to catalog sales.

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