OTD in Space - June 4: Falcon 9 Rocket Reaches Orbit


SpaceX has landed these boosters 25 times, and reflown them on a dozen occasions. The satellite will be deployed roughly 32 minutes after liftoff.

Air Force and weather officials predict a 70 percent chance of good launch weather.

The flight - set up by the rocket company founded by billionaire Elon Musk - was scheduled for late 2018, but this has been delayed to mid-2019 or later, according to The Wall Street Journal. Mr. Steven hasn't succeeded to date, but it has come close.

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The rocket lifted off at 12:45 a.m. and is the second flight for the launcher's first stage, Space.com reports.

The other vehicles SpaceX is flying or developing are resuable, too.

However, the WSJ piece also notes that SpaceX is facing uncertain demand for Falcon Heavy, and that the company itself is projecting a significant drop in launches next year due to fewer contracts for large satellite launches-smaller satellites can be happily sent into orbit using SpaceX's smaller, more proven Falcon 9 rocket.

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And the BFR - the giant rocket-spaceship duo SpaceX is developing to get people to Mars, launch satellites, clean up space junk and carry passengers on superfast trips around Earth - is created to be fully reusable.

The 12,000-pound SES-12 spacecraft, built by Airbus Defence and Space, will deliver high-speed data to across Asia and the Pacific.

SES was the first SpaceX customer ever to entrust a pre-flown Falcon 9 with its payload.

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