Prescribed Drugs May Lead To Depression


According to Qato, what people could take away from the study was that polypharmacy may lead to depressive symptoms. This discovery may explain why psychedelic drugs appear to be a valuable treatment for a wide range of psychiatric diseases, scientists said.

On the heels of a new landmark study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which showed suicide rates jumping significantly in almost every state since 1999, the researchers say the sheer bulk of people who may be taking the drugs is cause for some serious concern.

"A lot of times when you go to a doctor, you go to a specialist, a cardiologist or an orthopedic [specialist] and they not be looking at the whole picture of everything you're taking", Narula said. These findings remained strong even when the researchers excluded anyone using psychotropic medications, considered an indicator of underlying depression unrelated to medication use. So has Americans' reliance on prescription medications that list depression as a possible side effect.

The survey revealed that 7.6 percent of the participants had depression. The use of antacids with potential depression adverse effects, such as proton pump inhibitors and H2 antagonists, increased from 5 percent to 10 percent in the same period.

"Even if the same doctor is prescribing drugs, the fact is that it's really hard - there's no software that tells a doctor, 'your patient is on three drugs that predispose them or are associated potentially with depression or suicidal symptoms", Qato said.

That doesn't prove the drugs caused depression - only that there was a "worrisome" pattern, the researchers pointed out.

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The analysis showed that the more than one-third part of the drugs consumed by the trial participants illustrates the positive signs of depression. They found that the prevalence of depression was greater among the people who took the drugs than among those who didn't - with the risk climbing as more of the drugs were taken concurrently. Tell me if that's going to impact the meds that I'm taking. Often, patients have several medicines prescribed by multiple doctors, increasing the potential for them to take drug combinations with risky side effects.

It's also worth having a conversation with your doctor about whether you might be able to stop a medication, Mordecai says.

This increased to 9 % for those on two types of medication and to as high as 15 % for those on three.

"Y$3 et very few of these drugs have warning labels, so until we have public or system-level solutions, it is left up to patients and health care professionals to be aware of the risks", Qato warned.

To bring down the rate of depression, Qato suggests that the physicians may have to think, consider, and evaluate the role the medications prescribed.

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Researchers from the University of IL and Columbia University analyzed medication data from more than 26,000 adults between 2005 and 2014, and found that an estimated 37% of all people living in the USA are taking drugs that have depression or suicidal thoughts as potential side effects. NPR's Allison Aubrey reports.

AUBREY: More than 200 medications have depression as a potential side effect.

Scientists found that the risk rose significantly when three or more medicines were taken together. The study also noted the increased practice of polypharmacy among adults.

Some of the medications in the study can be purchased over the counter, including PPIs and Ibuprofen. Olfson explains they took a survey that asks a range of questions. The use of multiple medications simultaneously is also on the rise. "However, it could be that people had pre-existing depression", Narula explained. Are you suffering from depression?

A new study suggests an estimated 37 percent of USA adults take prescription medications that have depression listed as a potential side effect. He's national leader for mental health and wellness at Kaiser Permanente. It's a reminder to always be thinking: "does this person really need this medication?"

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MORDECAI: People who don't have a history of depression and then suddenly start to have symptoms of depression should be concerned that that's potentially due to a side effect or potentially an interaction.