Resident Evil 2 Remake Gets Gameplay-Filled Alternate Trailer


Resident Evil 2 Remake has finally been shown with a brand new trailer, nearly three years after the game's original announcement. The preview was, to put it mildly, stunning.

Later today, we're expecting to see more Resident Evil 2 Remake gameplay drop around 4pm PST.

Resident Evil 3

The showcase, not to be confused with the announcement trailer that was also released, shows all the Zombie gore that Resident Evil fans have been wanting from this legendary game remake.

It is coming out on January 25. At the time of publication, it doesn't appear that the preorders are live, but keep an eye out - they should be showing up any time now. We'll update with more information as it becomes available, but until then, enjoy the very NSFW trailer above. In addition to huge visual improvements, fans of the old game will now be treated to new twists and turns, and even "a new way to play". In the first video, the game appears to adopt Resident Evil 4's over-the-shoulder perspective as Leon S. Kennedy reports to the Raccoon City Police Department on the day a zombie outbreak has claimed nearly everyone.

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It's hard to describe just how much work seems to have gone into this remake; they've created photorealistic models from the ground up and will even have a few new surprises in terms of level design. As you can see from the screenshots above, the game has markedly improved graphics as well as a new over-the-shoulder camera, but will also have a more modernised control scheme and "heart-poundingly immersive" audio, all of which you can get a taste of in not one, but two trailers for the upcoming title. Like the original, the player will be able to play through separate campaigns headed by Leon and Claire.

See favorite characters in a whole new light - Join rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy on his first day in the job and college student Claire Redfield, who is searching for her brother amidst a terrifying zombie epidemic.

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