Senegal and Japan fans tidy up after their World Cup matches


Japanese fans clean up the stadium after their 2014 World Cup soccer match against Greece at the Dunas arena in Natal, Brazil, on June 19, 2014.

Netizens were awed by the gesture of discipline.

Carlos Sanchez has received death threats after his red card in Colombia's World Cup defeat vs Japan.

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Fans of the Japanese team, nicknamed "Blue Samurai", whipped out large trash bags they had brought along, scouring the stands for litter at Saransk following the game. Though it might seem exceptional in other countries, taking responsibility for cleaning up is seen as standard in Japan.

According to a translation of the video, the Colombian man filming the Japanese fans can be heard praising the nation's culture and scolding his own people for not following their example.

Japan would ultimately win 2-1 to condemn Los Cafeteros to an opening game loss and despite manager Jose Pekerman naming Sanchez "one of Colombia's most important players", Sanchez has been the target of several vile messages on social media. However, the actions of the Senegalese and Japanese fans following the victory has given the football world plenty of joy and their counterparts from other countries ideal role models.

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"Cleaning up after football matches is an extension of basic behaviors that are taught in school, where the children clean their school classrooms and hallways", North told the BBC.

Not to be outdone, the Senegalese fanbase took after the Japanese and started to clean up a stadium after their team's historic win against Poland.

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