Stephen Hawking’s voice to be beamed towards black hole


Guests from the worlds of science and showbiz have arrived at Westminster Abbey for a memorial service in honour of Professor Stephen Hawking. Tribute speeches and readings were given by Nobel prize victor Kip Thorne, paralyzed disability advocate Tom Nabarro, British astronaut Tim Peake, actor Benedict Cumberbatch, who played Hawking in the BBC film Hawking, Astronomer Royal Martin Rees, and Lucy Hawking.

The track being beamed into space will feature Hawking's voice set to music and has been written by Greek composer Vangelis.

Professor Günther Hasinger, the European Space Agency's director of science, said: "It is fascinating and at the same time moving to imagine that Stephen Hawking's voice together with the music by Vangelis will reach the black hole in about 3,500 years, where it will be frozen in by the event horizon".

Around 25,000 people applied to attend the Service of Thanksgiving, according to the Hawking family. Picture: GettyStephen Hawking's former wife Jane Hawing attended the service.

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As technology improved over the years, Hawking refused to upgrade his speech technology - because he had grown attached to the original voice he adopted in the '80s, as the San Francisco Chronicle and NPR have reported.

The publication also reminds readers that Hawking once had a party for time travellers who never showed up.

Hawking's ashes will be buried alongside the graves of Charles Darwin and Isaac Newton.

Hawking, who died at 76 after a lifelong battle against terminal motor neuron disease, was a groundbreaking physicist and mathematician.

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During his long academic life, Hawking focused his research primarily on cosmology, black holes and string theory.

The address was given by Professor Lord Martin Rees, Astronomer Royal and Trinity fellow. Nobel-winning scientists and Oscar-winning celebrities joined Hawking's family and more than 1,000 others to pay tribute to the physicist. "I have so much I want to do first", he said.

Lucy Hawking lays flowers as the ashes of her father, Professor Stephen Hawking, are laid to rest during his memorial service at Westminster Abbey in London, Friday June 15, 2018.

"He has earned a special place in the hearts of admirers worldwide and a special place here in Westminster Abbey, alongside Isaac Newton".

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