Syphilis And Gonorrhea Rates Have Risen Within The Past Year In England


More than 7,000 cases of syphilis and almost 46,000 cases of gonorrhoea were reported to Public Health England in 2017.

The report also shows that there's been an eight percent decline in chlamydia testing and a two percent drop in chlamydia diagnoses in 15-24-year-olds.

Diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections in England have soared to record high in the last 10 years, according to the country's health department. This number is the largest since 1949 the report says.

In 2017, there were approximately 422,000 diagnoses of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) made in England, around the same number that was reported in 2016. Syphilis increased from an average of six cases per year in 2012 to 50 cases per year in 2016.

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Speaking today (Tues) Debbie Laycock, from sexual health charity Terrence Higgins Trust, said: "Today's stats confirm the number of STIs diagnosed in England remains worryingly high against a backdrop of damaging cuts to sexual health services".

Dr Foster also stressed that these STIs are preventable - so it is crucial that Public Health England continues to communicate messages about sex safe, the importance of wearing a condom and getting checked out after unprotected sex. Highest incidence is seen among adults aged between 25 and 34 years and they were one third of all the cases.

In March, the first case of super-gonorrhoea was detected in the United Kingdom, in a man who is thought to have caught the infection having sex overseas in South East Asia. "Health inequalities will remain and councils may be unable to respond effectively to unforeseen outbreaks".

In Australia, syphilis cases increased by 107 percent and gonorrhea increased by 63 percent between 2011 and 2016, CNN reported.

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She added: "Government must reverse cuts to councils' public health grants because we can not tackle this by stretching services even thinner".

Most of the decrease took place in sexual and reproductive health services where chlamydia testing has fallen by 61% since 2015, which Public Health England said was "likely reflecting a reduction in service provision". The recommendations state that all young women should be tested for chlamydia when they access contraception. "The impact of STIs can be considerable, with some causing infertility, pelvic inflammatory disease and harm to unborn babies", said Dr. Gwenda Hughes, consultant scientist and head of sexually transmitted infection section at Public Health England.

She said that there should be consistent and correct use of condoms with new and casual sexual partners as well as regular check-ups and testing to determine and treat these infections early.

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