The scientists published mysterious the dunes on Mars


The massive dust storm that has fully enveloped the planet is obscuring the Sun and bathing the landscape in a deep shade of blood red.

Over the past few days, Mars Curiosity Rover has been sending photographs of the Mars' surface, confirming that the dust storm on Mars has grown in size and that it's now surrounding the entire Red Planet.

The dust storm was first detected on Wednesday, May 30, but it soon swelled to be bigger than the North America continent.

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NASA's two rovers, Curiosity and Opportunity, have had to deal with the dust storm in their own specific ways. It seems that this haze is eight times thicker than normal, covering the planet in darkness, and making Curiosity rover's camera work more in the lack of proper lighting.

However, researchers say dust storms on Mars are frequent, especially during spring and summer, in the southern hemisphere.

Scott Guzewich, NASA atmospheric scientist at the Goddard Space Flight Center, said, "We do not have any good idea".

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The image was taken by Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) "and shows a field of classic barchan dunes on January 24, 2018", NASA said in a statement. As dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide, once the sun hits it this creates handsome patterns that can be seen scattered across the surface of the Red Planet.

However, the Curiosity rover, which depends on plutonium rather than sunlight, is still unaffected and is sending regular information regarding the Martian dust storm to NASA.

Last week, NASA disclosed that it lost contact with the "Oppy" rover, adding that the engineers do not expect to hear back from the robot until the skies begin to clear above it. Its observations have allowed scientists to study the structure of its radiation-blasted surface and make out objects no more than three feet wide (which is remarkable considering the satellite orbits anywhere from 125 to 250 miles above the reddish dust). It takes pictures regularly and sends stunningly colorful images of the surface of Mars to earth.

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