Trump At G7: US Will Stop Trade If New Deals Aren't Negotiated


But in a tweet after flying out of Canada, the United States president showed he was in no mood to back down in any trade dispute.

There was also an agreement to disagree on climate change in the wake of Trump's decision to leave the Paris climate accord past year which further underlined the divide between the Group of Seven's powerhouse and its six co-members. All of the leaders have acknowledged that there are disagreements, but the meeting ended with the entire group issuing a joint communique.

"We are focused on everything we accomplished here at the #G7 summit", a spokesman for Trudeau tweeted.

AYESHA RASCOE, BYLINE: Thanks for having me. He said gender equality must "cut through" everything the G-7 does.

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RASCOE: It doesn't seem like the leaders really reached a concrete solution for all of these trade disputes.

Trump's and Macron's most recent intense handshake came at the annual G7 summit, where Trump received a frosty welcome in the wake of Trump administration policies that have left the United States increasingly isolated from its closest allies and trading partners. "Angela and Emmanuel and Justin, I would say the relationshiip is a 10", he said. Here's more of what he had to say. Despite his sharp differences with US allies, the president insisted he has a "great relationship" with his foreign counterparts.

"If they retaliate, they're making a mistake", Trump declared before departing the annual Group of Seven summit, which includes Britain, Italy, France, Germany and Japan.

Instead of fighting big battles, his counterparts were angling for a baseline of agreement that might be as low as an acknowledgement of the important role of the G-7. "And that's a very profitable answer, if we have to do it", Mr Trump said, adding: "We're like the piggy bank that everybody's robbing and that ends". It's not exactly clear how he would carry that out.

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They once shook hands for an eye-watering 29 seconds, with neither man willing to show a hint of weakness.

He denied that the summit had been contentious, a remark that contradicted what one G7 official described as an "extraordinary" exchange on Friday. "I think it would be good for Russian Federation, I think it would be good for the United States, I think it would be good for all of the countries of the current G7" - Trump calls for Russia's return to the club it was kicked out after annexing Crimea in 2014. And what's his argument? "We just go ahead and do things", Macron said. Earlier this week, Merkel said the group is defined by its members' respect of global law, and Russia's 2014 annexation of Crimea was a "flagrant breach" of that. "Very dishonest and weak", Trump said.

Macron had so far taken a more conciliatory tone with Trump, whom he calls his "friend".

President Trump leaves the G-7 summit after holding a press conference in the Canadian resort town of La Malbaie.

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There was little expectation of a major breakthrough at the summit - held in the mountainous Quebec village of La Malbaie - on trade given Mr. Trump's temperament and long-held protectionist ideology, but the President insisted he got along well with Mr. Trudeau and other leaders who stood up to him.