Trump Wants to Be Treated Like North Korea Chief Kim Jong


President Donald Trump said Sunday that it was his idea to put military exercises involving American and South Korean forces on hold following talks with North Korea's Kim Jong Un.

The Global Times, an influential Chinese state-run newspaper, said in an editorial that the time was right to consider "an appropriate reduction of the sanctions" against North Korea.

Around 8 a.m. on Friday, Trump tweeted that the morning talk show was on the White House front lawn.

"It's a common courtesy when a military official from another government salutes, that you return that", presidential spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders told reporters two days after Trump returned from his summit with North Korea's Kim Jong Un. Don't let anyone think anything different.

"Well, I'm going to speak to people in North Korea, and I'm going to speak to my people who are over in North Korea". "I want my people to do the same".

Speaking with AM Joy host Joy Reid, who called Tony Schwartz's description of Trump "scary", the ghostwriter said Trump has mental issues.

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"You don't understand sarcasm", he added. His favorite method of doing so, reportedly, is to publicly shoot them at point-blank range with an anti-aircraft gun.

This is certainly not the pledge for the unilateral dismantling of North Korea's nuclear programme that the United States has always pushed for.

THE FACTS: This much is true: North Korea announced the suspension of nuclear-weapons testing and testing of intercontinental ballistic missiles in April, to soften the ground for the diplomatic opening with South Korea and the U.S. North Korea has not conducted a missile test since November 28.

During the interview, the subject of Trump's recent Singapore summit with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un arose. "I sometimes say the "denuking" of North Korea, and those are handsome words", Trump said in the video.

When Baier pointed out Kim's regime imprisons, tortures and kills his own people, Trump replied, "Yeah, but so have other people done some really bad things". I should have never inherited that.

"I have solved that problem", Trump said.

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"I did a great job this weekend", Trump said.

"You haven't had a missile test in seven months".

'You haven't had a firing.

"We know that there's a great deal of work ahead, but peace is always worth that effort. I said, 'why aren't we being reimbursed?'"

The just-under-three-minute video features footage of Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un shaking hands, smiling and signing a joint agreement at the summit in Singapore earlier this week.

"I can't speak to that", he replied.

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