US President Donald Trump announces 'Space Force' military wing


In a surprise announcement today at the third meeting of the White House's newly reconvened Space Council, President Donald J. Trump announced his intention to create a new Space Force within the U.S. Armed Forces.

Dubbing the new wing of America's fighting machine the "Space Force", Trump merged the idea of reasserting USA might in space exploration with that of carving out military dominance, as global jockeying for Earth's extra-atmospheric supremacy heats up.

Sen. Bill Nelson, a Democrat and former astronaut, quickly tweeted that generals "don't want" a space force.

Pence heads the recently revived space council.

Because space is totally hostile and concerned with colonizing America.

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Since then, U.S. efforts to explore beyond the Earth's orbit have largely focused on remote spacecraft that do not have human crew members, though American presidents have repeatedly raised the idea of sending human explorers back to the moon or further.

The Defense Department says there are 20,000 pieces of space debris and 800 operational USA satellites circling Earth, a number that grows every year. Among them is a provision that requires the deputy secretary of Defense to study the possibility of creating a space corps in the future.

Pace said changes are "not going to happen overnight".

At one point, Trump said the "Space Force" would be "separate but equal" to the Air Force, a phrase harkening back to America's racist past.

"The creation of an independent Space Corps, with the corresponding institutional growth and budget implications, does not address the specific concerns nor our nation's fiscal problems in a responsive manner", The Hill quoted Mattis. It wasn't immediately clear whether Mr. Trump favors a similar approach for a dedicated space force.

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The Defense Department's new National Defense Strategy, released earlier this year, outlined a new national security doctrine for the US, shifting focus away from recent counterterrorism operations that have defined America's wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere for the last several decades, to threats posed by near-peer competitors such as Russian Federation and China.

During a meeting of the National Space Council at the White House, the president signed an executive order establish the new branch.

Trump also encouraged SpaceX, Blue Origin and other nontraditional aerospace companies led by wealthy USA entrepreneurs to beat NASA to Mars.

In December, Trump signed a directive that he said would enable astronauts to return to the moon and eventually lead a mission to Mars.

"We are going to have a Space Force", he said. "They can beat us", he said. "We're going to be the leader by far". "Too many important missions at stake".

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The president's directive sets the stage for a contentious debate as the House and Senate prepare to hash out a final version of the 2019 NDAA.