White House Economic Adviser: Canada's Trudeau 'Stabbed Us In The Back'


Trump pulled out of endorsing a joint communique after the G7 meet finished on Saturday with the United States president accusing Trudeau, the summit's chairman, of dishonesty.

"PM Justin Trudeau of Canada acted so meek and mild during our @ G7 meetings only to give a news conference after I left saying that, "US Tariffs were kind of insulting" and he 'will not be pushed around.' Very dishonest & weak", Trump wrote.

The communique was supposed to illustrate shared ground between the US, Germany, the UK, Canada, France, Italy and Japan following Mr Trump's imposition of tariffs on steel and aluminium imports.

The annual G7 summit appeared to have weathered tensions over Trump's threats of a trade war on Saturday - until the USA president pulled out of a joint statement while citing "false statements" by Trudeau.

In view of threatened USA tariffs on auto imports, which would particularly affect Germany, Grenell said that he was a "big vehicle fan" and knew how important the industry was.

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President Donald Trump shakes hands with Canada's Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in a bilateral meeting at the G-7 summit in in Charlevoix, Quebec, Canada, June 8, 2018.

Trump responded to the Canadian prime minster's news conference by tweeting that because of Trudeau's statement, he would not sign the communique that the G-7 nations had drafted at the summit.

The president also tweeted from aboard Air Force One that due to "Justin's false statements" the US would not sign on with the other six members of the G-7 to a joint communique that was to follow the meeting.

On North Korea, Abe called on other G7 members to support Trump ahead of the summit with Kim. Trump refused to sign a previously-negotiated joint statement written by all seven countries, prompting French President Emmanuel Macron to say in a statement Sunday that "International cooperation can not be dictated by fits of anger and throwaway remarks ..."

In the two tweets that ended USA support for the joint G-7 statement, Trump accused Trudeau of having made "false statements" during a prior press conference.

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Yes, the "sophomoric"-Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow's word on CNN's State of the Union for Trudeau's power play-spat is far more interesting than the 4,000-word agreement countless diplomats spent many hours crafting that was meant to summarise the summit".

And GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger said he was "confused" when he saw the remarks from Navarro.

"He is not going to permit any show of weakness on the trip to negotiate with North Korea", Kudlow said.

"Right now, the president is actually driving our allies away from us as we need them even more, while welcoming in the Russians", Markey said on CBS's "Face the Nation".

While the reason for the apparent sliding down of the brow could have been anything from a lighting issue, or an unruly camera angle, but as Trudeau speaks, it seems like his dark eyebrow has slipped down nearly to his eyes. "So at this summit, we expressed deep disappointment at the unjustified decision of the United States to apply tariffs to steel and aluminum imports". Anything but what he's doing.

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I left before the end of the summit to embark on a marathon journey from Canada to Singapore. He has to wear more makeup than his wife. How many women wear false eyebrows? Trudeau will now pop up as a result.