Woman Documents Moving Lump on Face with Selfies, Doctors Find Parasite


The worm rarely poses any dangers and patients make a full recovery once it has been removed. In reports to doctors, she said that the nodules caused some burning and itchiness but no other symptoms or problems.

A Russian woman was left quite surprised after she noticed a small lump under her left eye.

It traveled underneath her skin.

It caused significant swelling in her lip.

Tourists headed to the World Cup may want to pack an extra can of bug spray after one woman who recently traveled to a rural area outside of Moscow discovered random bumps on her face that were actually a migrating worm, which she likely picked up from a mosquito bite. Girl within two weeks struggled with unidentified bumps on the eyelid.

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The worm was removed surgically and soon after the incision the woman completely recovered.

"A physical examination showed a superficial moving oblong nodule at the left upper eyelid", her doctor wrote in a case report.

Doctors realised it was a parasite - an organism which lives off another living creature - then held it still with forceps and cut it out of her face.

After spending some time in a rural area of Russian Federation outside Moscow, the 32-year-old noticed a small, mysterious lump underneath her eye.

The doctor who consulted the Russian Federation woman declared that the parasite "accidentally" infested her.

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Dirofilaria are usually found in dogs or other carnivores, according to the CDC, but have been known to infect humans, too, especially in Europe and with certain species - D. repens, D. tenuis and D. immitis (better known as heartworm in dogs).

It's relatively harmless for humans.


It turned out that the woman had an infection with a type of parasitic worm called Dirofilaria repens. It's transmitted via mosquitoes, which is how it gets into humans, but human infection is accidental. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that D. repens are not found in the USA, but the country does harbor relatives D. immitis, which cause heartworm disease in dogs, and D. tenuis, which affect raccoons. She didn't pay attention to it, at first, but she started posting pictures of the bump of her social media channel just in case.

But according to the report in Parasites & Vectors, if D. repens continues to spread, it's possible that it could be introduced in the USA by infected dogs who come into the country.

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