Workplace foods may lead to unhealthy eating


They can install vending machines which come with healthier options and ensure the employees are offered with healthier choices at the workplace cafeterias.

The researchers found that the most common source behind this fat gain was free food which many people ate at work in the study.

According to this new survey, about one-quarter of American worker bees eat almost 1,300 calories at work per week and many of those calories are rich in fat and sugar.

The preliminary findings, which have not yet undergone the peer-review process, will be presented by Onufrak at Nutrition 2018, the annual meeting of the American Society for Nutrition.

However, since about 70% of this food is free, it's hard to pass down.

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The food people get at work contributes to unhealthy eating as it tends to contain high amounts of sodium and refined grains, and very little whole grains and fruit, a United States study has found.

The researchers analyzed the food and beverages available in workplace vending machines, cafeterias, in common areas, and at meetings or work-related social events. Researchers found that most of the free food offered were things that add up "empty" calories like, pizza, soft drinks, cookies, brownies, and other candies.

In the study, the team found that 71 percent of calories were found among people who received free good at work.

The study found that nearly 70 percent of those calories came from the free food provided in common areas, during work-related social events or meetings, the researchers analyzed that data from a household survey of food bought and acquisitions. The food rarely included foot items such as fruit or whole grain.

Onufrak said, "While work foods aren't really necessarily a huge source of calories overall in people's diets, I think they are still a significant source", adding, "If you look at the quality of the foods people got, it definitely did not necessarily adhere to the dietary guidelines very closely".

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"Employers can encourage healthier foods at meetings and events, especially when the employer is providing free food to employees", Onufrak told ABC.

"Worksite wellness programs have the potential to reach millions of working Americans and have been shown to be effective at changing health behaviors among employees, reducing employee absenteeism and reducing health care costs", said Onufrak.

The researchers say that employers could help their employees eat better at work by using worksite wellness programmes to promote healthy options that are also appealing.

The researchers are now examining the specific foods commonly purchased from vending machines and cafeterias in the workplace.

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