Body of Renard Matthews is propped in front of TV for memorial


Matthews was positioned to be sitting in a chair, with a Playstation controller in his hands, with some of his favorite snacks by his side.

New Orleans' WDSU-TV identified the man as Renard Matthews, saying he died June 25 after being shot in the head.

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According to Matthews" mom, Temeka, her son was a "homebody' whose favorite athlete was indeed Irving.

Matthews' family says he loved the Boston Celtics and playing video games. All of these things clearly meant a lot to Matthews, and it's a gesture that while odd, is the send-off that his family felt would be the best representation of how they'd like to remember him; enjoying himself. He held a PS4 controller in his hands while a game of NBA2K between the Celtics and Warriors was powered up on the screen.

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The family chose to celebrate him in a unique way this past Sunday, surrounding him with his favorite snacks and "playing" NBA2K while wearing the jersey of Kyrie Irving.

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