Did the Queen commit 'brooch warfare' during Trump visit?


The queen was seen wearing it as she received the archbishop of Canterbury and the grand imam of Al-Azhar for an audience at Windsor Castle, People reports.

On the day he arrived in the United Kingdom, she donned a handsome vintage green flower brooch - which happened to be a gift to her from former President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle. It seemed like he wanted to pull away, but she was not to be deterred, so she yanked him back one more time before releasing her grip on the president.

Because Queen Liz may be a lot of things, but above all else she is a sauced-up bulldog who you simply do not cross.

Britain's Queen Elizabeth and U.S. President Donald Trump inspect the Guard at Windsor Castle Windsor

Donald Trump has consistently lambasted his predecessor and has reversed a number of his policies since taking office.

Julie reveals that on Trump's second day in the UK, Friday, and the day that he attended tea with the Queen, Her Majesty once again opted for a rather pointed pin choice. On this day Elizabeth II wore a brooch, presented to her by Barak and Michelle Obama in 2011.

It is an American-made piece from 1950 crafted from 14-carat yellow gold, diamonds, and moss agate.

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And the Queen (or perhaps her stylists?) didn't stop there; during a meeting with fellow royalty, the King and Queen of Belgium, she wore the Sapphire Jubilee Brooch, which had been given to her by Canada, a country that isn't exactly on the best of terms with Trump at the moment.

While officials from both the palace and Downing Street have tried to say that since it wasn't a state visit but rather a working visit, the plan was only for the Queen to meet with the both Donald and Melania Trump, a source told The Sunday Times that "senior courtiers discussed which royals to include and shared concerns about Charles's and William's reluctance to participate".

The thread has garnered more than 3,000 likes as her followers applauded her astute observation.

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According to Her Majesty's Jewel vault the small green flower brooch was selected it from the vintage selection at the Tiny Jewel Box jewelry store in Washington, D.C by the former president and First Lady in 2011.

Some online speculated that this brooch was chosen over the traditional maple leaf-shaped brooch because it resembles a snowflake, perhaps a knowing nod to the slang term popularized by Trump for those on the political left.

At the very same meeting with spouses Tramp the monarch wore "mourning" brooch in the shape of a petal.

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