Federation Internationale de Football Association addresses TV shots of hot female fans at World Cup


He said: 'We've done it with individual broadcasters.

According to FARE executive director Piara Powar, the group reported 30 instances of women being accosted, either local Russian fans or female journalists.

Football's ruling body said that the disciplinary probe relates to the singing of the anti-IRA song and other potentially discriminatory songs.

According to a group that was hired to follow discrimination at the World Cup, Fare Network, sexism has been a bigger problem in Russian Federation than racism and it has documented more than 30 cases during games.

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There had also been several cases of women reporters being grabbed or kissed while on air, Powar said.

The crackdown on broadcasters was not yet a "proactive campaign".

However it is unclear whether Russia's host broadcasters have been warned about their habit of picking out pretty faces in the crowd.

A significant amount of the pre-tournament discussion was centred around potential trouble between England and Russian Federation fans, after the clashes between the two sets of supporters in Marseille in 2016.

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Crowd shots like this pass the Federation Internationale de Football Association test.

It is understood that more than 20 supporters were identified by the authorities and they lost their FAN-IDs and were sent home. Instead, soccer's treatment of female media workers and fans led to heated debate.

During the singing of the national anthem before the game, some England fans shouted "no surrender" - an anti-IRA chant that has been heard before the team's games for many years.

'When FAs are consistent offenders that needs to be taken into account'.

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