Former Malaysian premier Najib arrested, to be charged Wednesday


On May 22 and 24, the former prime minister was summoned to the MACC headquarters to have his statement recorded over the issue.

He was then questioned by the anti graft agency twice to aid with investigations leading to the 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) scandal.

Last week police said they had seized luxury handbags, jewelry, cash and goods from six properties linked to the former leader, that were believed to be worth more than $225 million.

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The fund was started by Najib when he took power in 2009, but it accumulated billions in debts and is being investigated in the USA and several other countries. The new Attorney-General Mohamed Apandi Ali cleared Najib in 2016, saying the money was a donation from the Saudi royal family and that most of it was returned.

United States investigators said Najib's associates looted $US4.5 billion from the fund, of which $US681 million landed in Najib's bank account and some $US30 million used to buy jewellery for his wife. Mr Najib denies wrongdoing. Riza did not speak to reporters on his arrival at the anti-graft office.

Civil lawsuits filed by the US Department of Justice allege that almost US$4.5 billion ($6.7 billion) was misappropriated from 1MDB.

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US investigators say Riza's company, Red Granite Pictures Inc., used money stolen from 1MDB to finance Hollywood films including the Martin Scorsese-directed "The Wolf of Wall Street".

But the initial focus of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation focused on how 42 million ringgit ($10.6 million) went from SRC International to Najib's account.

Riza, 48, movie producer and co-founder of Los Angeles-based film production company Red Granite Pictures, has been linked to the 1MDB scandal where there have been allegations of him siphoning the fund's monies to finance films.

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