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Jeff Bezos' private space company, Blue Origin, just completed its ninth successful test of the New Shepard launch system, developed with the goal of ferrying passengers to the edge of space and bringing them safely back to Earth. The rocket conducts a vertical landing when it comes down and the capsule is brought down with parachutes that deploy after it reaches its height. In addition to Mannequin Skywalker, Blue Origin's in-cabin dummy, there will be scientific experiments, spacesuit material tests, WiFi access testing and more throughout the flight.

Launch commentator Ariane Cornell promised it would be soon.

Sir Richard Branson founder of Virgin Galactic with his Spaceship Two and White Knight Two carrier aircraft

The company said that by firing the emergency motor in the vacuum of space for the first time took things to the next level. Although it has not yet provided details, the company says it will fly "a high altitude escape motor test-pushing the rocket to its limits". One company sent up a system created to provide reliable WiFi connectivity in space, while another added a number of textiles to the capsule so they could test their viability for use in space suits.

Executives at the company, which was started by Bezos in 2000, said the company planned to launch test flights beginning next year, Reuters reported.

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During that test, the spacecraft's emergency motor was sacked 45 seconds into the flight, at an altitude of 16,000 feet (4,876 meters), slamming the rocket booster with 70,000 pounds of thrust and forceful exhaust.

Some of the payloads flying on this Blue Origin flight also aim to provide value to other researchers. According to Blue Origin's launch coverage, the next New Shepard to launch will have a fully fitted customer capsule.

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Along with the suborbital New Shepard rockets and spacecraft, Blue Origin also is developing a powerful new engine, the BE-4, to help boost satellites into orbit using much larger New Glenn rockets.

One payload, called "Fly My Stuff", included personal items supplied by company employees.

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Like SpaceX's Falcon rockets, New Shepard is created to launch, land and be reused.