How to download iOS 11.4.1 to your iPhone and iPad


Importantly, this technique would only work if the iOS device is not already in USB Restricted Mode when captured. Law enforcement and private companies could leverage the loophole and design new hardware to continue to crack passcodes through the Lightning port.

The new feature will not prevent the phone from being charged, but if you want to unlock or transfer any data to or from the device, you will need to enter the phone's passcode on the touchscreen. As now implemented, the feature is even more restrictive: When turned on, it will "prevent USB accessories from connecting when your [iPhone/iPad] has been locked for more than an hour". That means if that someone plugs in a device like the GrayKey, favored by police forces in the USA, they won't be able to break the passcode protection and access the data on your phone.

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They suggest using the $39 Apple Lightning USB3 Camera Adapter. But for now at least, iPhones, with this update, are locked down.

What ElcomSoft describes isn't a vulnerability per se, it's just a relatively-straightforward workaround for how the feature works.

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Based on Apple's previous update cycles, it is possible that these are the last updates for these operating systems before iOS 12 and its cousins arrive later this year. In order to let the accessory connect, you have to unlock the iPhone with a passcode, Touch ID, or Face ID.

A really interesting tidbit from the ElcomSoft report is that since iOS 11.4, Grayshift's boxes are already weakened significantly. This is still lower than what iOS typically allows (where delays between attempts escalate up to an hour), but makes brute-forcing much harder. "The ability to postpone USB Restricted Mode by connecting the iPhone to an untrusted USB accessory is probably nothing more than an oversight", Afonin admits.

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As usual, this iOS release also includes security updates.