Huawei Will Launch 5G Smartphone in Early 2019


And while we haven't got to see a lot of new smartphones, we have come across some interesting technologies that smartphone manufacturers plan to implement in their devices.

Chinese technology giant Huawei announced thatit will launch 5G-ready Kirin chips in March 2019 and 5G smartphone in June 2019. But a spirited keynote by Eric Xu, rotating chairman, Huawei, began with Xu declaring that MWC Shanghai 2018 featured that so many show-demos 5G-related that it re-ignited his passion for the much-discussed tech paradigm. Following that, the development of 5G chips is said to pickup pace.

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The verification of 5G network slices is created to enhance mobile broadband (eMBB) services requiring stable network latency in augmented reality games.

Huawei plans to roll out commercial 5G solutions for NSA (non-standalone) networks in September 2018 and other solutions for SA 5G networks in March 2019, Xu said.

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According to Phonearena, Huawei's Krin 1020 is expected to be the first processor from the company to feature 5G capabilities. Instead, a Mate-series smartphone might be a more suitable candidate and would be available before the end of 2019. As a major 5G standards contributor and patent holder, Huawei will follow the FRAND principle – Fair, Reasonable, and Non-discriminatory – as it has always done.

With the fifth generation of mobile networks seemingly around the corner, Huawei wants to be the first one to greet it at the door with mobile chips and smartphones.

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