Intelligence chief: He didn't mean 'to be disrespectful' about Trump's Putin invite


"We know they've been probing information about infrastructure, airports, water systems and nuclear plants", she said.

US director of intelligence Dan Coats said on Saturday he in no way meant to be disrespectful toward President Donald Trump with what he called his "awkward response" to news of a second planned Trump summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The former Obama official said it's not necessarily surprising Coats doesn't have a record of what was said between Trump and Putin because it can take "several days" to compile and distribute. I have President Putin. "The idea that the president even considered for a nanosecond turning over a former ambassador to Russian Federation was simply unbelievable", she said.

"Remember when they said I was too tough with Chairman Kim?"

Facing intense blowback for siding with Russia, Trump dug in and tweeted that "Fake News" was to blame for mischaracterizing the summit.

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"I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, and nuclear". "Sort of a double negative".

During his presidential campaign and into his presidency, Trump has consistently said he seeks better relations with Russian Federation and Putin in particular.

A majority of Americans disapprove of Donald Trump casting doubt about US intelligence on Russian interference in the 2016 election, with relatively modest support for the president even in his own party and among conservatives in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll. He added: "Could be other people also; there's a lot of people out there".

The report also claimed that Trump was mad that reporters posed tough questions for him in the press conference with Vladimir Putin, lamenting that an Associated Press reporter was called on rather than a more friendly reporter who would not have asked such a hard question. The official did not specify if that meant Russia's interference in US elections. In exchange, he said, Russian authorities could interview several Americans the Kremlin accuses of unspecified crimes. "I do think he's come to recognize that it didn't go the way he thought it would go". Trump said. The idea landed with a thud among officials back in the U.S.

Russia's foreign minister told his US counterpart on Saturday that a woman arrested in the United States on accusations she was a Russian agent had been detained on "fabricated charges" and should be released.

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"President Trump asked Ambassador Bolton today to invite President Putin to Washington in the Fall to follow up on and review the two sides' progress on the issues they discussed in Helsinki", the NSC official told Brennan. "You particularly need a notetaker so there can be no mistake about what was said".

"People wanted change. He's changing", Kaufman said of Trump.

"This is an extraordinary remedy, I realize, but then it's extraordinary for the president of the United States to ask all of his senior staff essentials to leave the room and have a conversation with an adversary", Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) told Politico, in reference to the move to subpoena Gross.

Sanders later said his comment was misinterpreted.

In terms of intensity of sentiment, the survey, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates, finds that 70 percent of Democrats and 61 percent of liberals strongly disapprove of Trump questioning US intelligence on the matter, while just 28 percent of Republicans and 24 percent of conservatives strongly approve.

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"The president is wrong", GOP Sen.