It's going to feel above 40°C ALL weekend long in Toronto


The heat wave is supposed to start on Friday and the temperatures will go up along with the humidex levels in the Maritimes and southern Ontario, and Quebec.

Environment Canada senior climatologist David Phillips told CTV Morning Live on Thursday that the humidex could make it feel like 47 degrees on Canada Day.

"This will be the most significant heat event in the past few years", said the national forecaster.

"We're about to enter into an extended and dangerously hot HEAT WAVE".

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High humidity makes the weather seem hotter than it would on a dry day, and the perspiration from the heat can not be evaporated as easily on a humid day.

Environment Canada is warning of "extreme heat" all weekend for much of Ontario, with cities like Ottawa, Toronto and Barrie expected to reach 35 C or higher on Saturday.

Canada Day long weekend is finally within reach.

Weather service believes that cool should not be expected even at night, the temperature at this time drops to approximately 25 C, which "does not ease the heat".

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During periods of extreme heat, people are advised to practice measures such as staying hydrated, limiting outdoor activity and staying in cool or shaded areas whenever possible and wearing a brimmed hat, sunscreen and loose fitting clothing when outdoors.

"Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink water", Roy said.

"A warm and humid airmass will gradually settle over the Maritimes this weekend and persist into early next week", the statement reads.

Environment Canada advises that there is still uncertainty regarding when the heat event will come to an end, as current indications suggest the heat could continue into the middle of next week.

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