Longest total lunar eclipse of the century tonight


Coincidentally, Mars is also at its brightest, putting two bright red objects in our sky. One might think this to be impossible - because an eclipse occurs when the Sun, Earth and Moon are in a straight line, and so if the Moon is above the horizon then the Sun must surely be below it. According to him, the moon orbits around Earth, while Earth orbits around the sun.

In a total lunar eclipse, the Moon passes through the core of Earth's shadow, often turning red-orange due to the bending of sunlight through Earth's atmosphere. "So, there are positions, when earth comes in between the moon and the sun and cast its shadow on the moon", said professor of astrophysics, T.R. Seshadri from Delhi University.

Instead, it will appear to be a deep copper red as it reflects the scattered light of all the sunsets and sunrises on Earth back at us.

It's when you can see an eclipsed Moon on the western horizon, as well as the rising Sun on the eastern horizon.

Lunar eclipses can only occur during a full moon when the sun fully illuminates the surface.

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It's also what's being called a "blood moon".

Yes, it's a total lunar eclipse, so the moon will be entirely in the Earth's shadow.

GETTY LUNAR ECLIPSE: What time is the blood Moon eclipse today? And, of course, there are areas across the world where the eclipse will not be visible at all, such as North America. And it's considered a "micro moon", though that isn't an official astronomical designation.

Otherwise, simply head outside the city for better viewing.

Other incidences of central lunar eclipses will occur in April 2099, June 2094, September 2090, May 2087 and January 2084. "The partial eclipse ends at 11.19 p.m.", he said.

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"The time of moonrise will vary depending on where you are in the United Kingdom, with places west and north of London having moon rise up to 30 minutes later". Mars will appear 10 times brighter than usual, at magnitude -2.8 on that night.

And there's one more twist: The absolutely closest distance this time around won't come at the precise time of opposition on Friday, when the sun, Earth and Mars are in a ideal line.

And finally - the Moon is near apogee (the most distant point in its orbit) around the July full moon, Edberg said. As with most such night-sky events, the best place to see it is out in the country away from lights.

But the bending of the rays of light caused by our atmosphere made it feasible to see the selenelion, so long as we were in the right place. So if bad weather disrupts your opportunity on Friday, there will be more chances. But, they add that Mars will still remain nearly as bright for several weeks, as it glides a little higher above the horizon in evening twilight.

As a scientist I don't like the use of the description "blood moon". Mars is also safe to view with the naked eye.

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