Md. announces first case of West Nile virus this year


The reported case is in Pearl River County.

Health officials say July through September are the peak months of West Nile in Mississippi.

The North Shore Health Department reports a dead crow found in Milwaukee County has tested positive for West Nile virus. Several species of mosquitoes are responsible for transmission of arboviruses but Culex species are the primary vector for West Nile virus in Kansas and the United States.

For West Nile Virus prevention, the DHS recommends using an effective mosquito repellent, limiting exposed skin through long-sleeved shirts and by wearing socks, avoid the outdoors around dawn and dusk during high mosquito activity, drain standing water from covers and containers, change bird bath water every few days, and keep gutters and ditches clean for proper drainage.

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Overall, the number of confirmed cases of West Nile virus in humans varies greatly year to year.

The virus is transmitted through bites from mosquitoes that picked up the virus from an infected bird.

Mosquitoes need very little water to breed.

"What they'll also do is they'll continue to monitor the mosquito population until all tests produce negative results for any West Nile". Older adults and those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk of developing central nervous system illness that can be fatal.

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They're spreading West Nile virus across the Midwest this summer. However most people make a full recovery. However, if you have to spend some time outside between dusk and dawn, you should wear long sleeves and long trousers to minimize exposure as much as possible.

Remove all sources of standing water around your home and yard to prevent mosquito breeding.

The health district said use mosquito repellent as directed on the package.

Fix holes in screens and attach properly to windows.

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Anyone who sees sick or dying birds should call the Kankakee County Health Department, Environmental Health, at 815-802-9410, which will determine if the bird is eligible to be picked up for testing. If it rains, the spraying will be done during the same hours Friday.