#PlaneBae Romance Takes Over Twitter


Netizen Rosey Blair shared on Twitter how she unexpectedly became Cupid when she asked to switch seats with a passenger.

Blair wanted to change seats on the flight to sit next to her boyfriend and joked that the couple now sitting in front of them would fall in love.

ABC's Good Morning America also reported on the internet fascination with the budding plane romance.

As soon as the mystery woman switched seats, things got off to a flying start, with her and her new buddy beginning to flirt and talk about all of the things they had in common.

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The series of Tweets has garnered almost 240,000 retweets and over 590,000 likes as of the time of this story's publication.

"I wish they knew how many people in different places were hoping they would click". After some internet sleuthing, Rosey's boyfriend - a top class stalker by the sound of it - found the pair's Instagram accounts, and discovered that they were both single and both based in Dallas, Texas.

"One of my close friends" wife actually texted me a link to the Twitter feed and said, "Oh, my gosh, Euan".

"I'm even happy if they formed a friendship or if their chance encounter provided them with inspiration to seek out romance in general", she said.

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A handsome stranger ended up being that woman's new neighbor, and the two appeared to hit it off from the get-go, according to Blair's perspective.

"She's very attractive, fun, bubbly, natural", he said. It has everything: quirky, fun characters, two handsome personal trainers as the lead, a slow, flight-long unfolding tale of "will they or won't they?"

There is no update on whether Holden and the unidentified woman are still talking or have plans to see one another again.

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