Roku TV Wireless Speakers effortlessly boost your Roku TV's audio game


Roku devices are known for their simple setup, and the company made sure to continue that here.

On the surface, Roku's wireless speakers looks like a typical pair of affordable bookshelf units.

Roku wants to grab audiophiles with its new wireless speakers for Roku TVs

Like its competitors, Roku's Smart TVs, which are owned by one in four smart TV owners in the United States, according to the company, will sound better if you hook up dedicated speakers instead of just going with the built-in speakers. To minimize those moments when you're frantically reaching for the remote to adjust the volume, the speakers also come with Automatic Volume Leveling to lower the sound in particularly loud scenes and boost the sounds when it gets too quiet. Plus, each speaker has Bluetooth connectivity for music streaming, which is a bonus.

Buyers will get a standard voice remote which can control the speakers and the TV. They also come with the new Roku Touch: a battery-powered voice remote control meant to sit on tabletops that features a press-and-hold design for voice commands, playback control buttons and programmable preset buttons. The small, square-ish remote does not require a direct line of sight with the speakers, and has play/pause, fast-forward, rewind and volume buttons. The company says it will be able to launch playlists or streaming channels, change inputs, search for content, and control playback. "Some of the most popular channels on the Roku platform are streaming music channels, and with Roku Touch it is even easier to use Roku TV and Roku TV Wireless Speakers to listen to music". The Touch remote is most like the voice remote, but it can be used nearly anywhere in your home because it's wireless and runs on batteries. Roku isn't saying yet what that one is for.

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Wood further says, "Roku TV Wireless Speakers work exclusively with Roku TVs, which accounted for one out of every four smart TVs sold in the the first quarter of 2018".

Roku has announced its latest home entertainment product. The company won't say exactly how many such sets are out there, but claims 1 in 4 smart TVs sold in the US are Rokus.

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They're aimed at casual TV and movie watchers who want better audio, without the headache of having to install a complicated home audio system. This has been a feature many streamers have been asking for since streaming started. We have many great OEM partners and continue to discuss new programs with new potential partners. Customer input suggested to Roku that consumers found it hard to connect other speakers.

The Roku TV Wireless Speakers work with any model of Roku-based television that has shipped since 2014, Smith said. Both remotes are powered by AAA batteries. From July 16 to July 23, the speakers are available for just $150, while from July 24 to October 15 they will be on sale for $180. After they, they'll list for $199.99.

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