The Doctor Who Series 11 Trailer is Here!


Cole plays Ryan Sinclair, Gill is Yasmin Khan, and Walsh is Graham O'Brien, who we were all introduced to in the first Doctor Who teaser. "New times. So if I asked really, really nicely, would you be my new best friends?" Will we accept Whittaker's Thirteenth Doctor - the 13th actor to take on the role, but only the first woman to do so?

As the panel neared the end, Whittaker emphasized that although this is still the Doctor everyone knows and loves, she will be a bit different this time out.

All things considered, a revamp and a nice dollop of newness seems exactly what the doctor ordered for Doctor Who, a show that has been on air for decades and is all but required to spruce things up in order to attract a new generation of TV-lovers and sci-fi fanatics and keep from going stale.

She uttered a quiet "brilliant" before her spaceship, the TARDIS, started to explode, throwing her out the doors and plummeting towards the ground.

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This time the Doctor steps into the TARDIS with three new companions.

Collectible replicas of Whittaker's sonic screwdriver will be available for pre-order starting July 25, 2018, and you can get one right here. "I think there's a lot of new things this year".

Doctor Who season 11 is due to air later this year. She's a "pillar of hope, striving for brightness and inclusion", Whittaker said.

The trailer for Doctor Who Season 11, starring Jodie Whittaker as the Time Lord's first female incarnation, was released at San Diego Comic Con Thursday.

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This season will have 10 standalone episodes, each 50 minutes long.

Jodie Whittaker has stated how the gender pay gap controversy won't be an issue for Doctor Who, saying there won't be a "big reveal" in six months.

Chibnall, who is also the executive producer, says there will be no barriers of entry for anyone who hasn't seen the series before, with a new Doctor, new adventures and new monsters.

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