Watch Two Cape Canaveral Launch Towers Meet Their End


They supported some of the nation's first satellite launches, helped send probes to other planets and established the Global Positioning System satellite constellation so embedded in everyday life. "At the same time, it is the final closure of the Complex 17 book, and with that, a little melancholy". Gen. Wayne R. Monteith, Commander of the 45th Space Wing. These towers helped to launch several high-profile NASA missions over the years.

"Fire in the hole!" announced Brig. All that has come to an end, however, as the complex's historic launch towers have been demolished to make way for something new.

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The towers' demolition came almost seven years after the last launch at the site - when Delta II sent a pair of gravity mapping probes to the moon for NASA in September, 2011. Opportunity remains active today.

"With 61 years of history and 325 launches, it's been a pretty incredible piece of the space community for many years", he explains.

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Launch Complex 17 and neighboring Complex 18 now are occupied by Moon Express, a private company developing small lunar landers that NASA may use to send science instruments to the lunar surface in the next few years.

The complex, and its towers, was originally built in 1956 for use with the PGM-17 Thor missile, the first operational ballistic missile the US possessed, according to NASA.

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According to Space Flight Now, the launch pads were built more than six decades ago. Download the 10News app now.