Water restrictions put in place in Offaly as drought continues


"In fairness, we have been contacted by Irish Water which acknowledged our demand that it goes past just issuing information via local radio or its websites and starts contacting its individual farmer-customers and letting them know what the situation is".

"During the week ahead, I expect we will have quite a number of hosepipe bans extended to schemes that are in trouble", he added.

You can still water your garden using a good old fashioned watering can.

The leading water provider for the East of England has said the water levels in both reservoirs and groundwater stores are healthy, and in some cases above average.

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A heatwave in Britain has forced authorities in Northern Ireland to impose the first hosepipe ban in 23 years, Sky News reports.

And the water utility firm is warning that it will take weeks and "even months" for water levels to restore in rivers, lakes and reservoirs. If you really want to have a bath try filling the tub an inch less, saving five litres of water in the process.

Irish Water have announced that a nationwide hosepipe ban will come into effect from Friday. Consider putting hanging baskets etc into the shade for a day or two.

Turning the taps off when you clean your teeth, and reducing your shower-time to the recommended four minutes will also help.

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In Summary - we would hope that people will voluntarily work with us to reduce their water usage over the coming days.

The public is being urged to continue conserving water in every possible way to ensure a continuous supply for all.

What is prohibited during the hosepipe ban? It does, however, have an option to appoint "authorised officers" to investigate complaints and it can use domestic water meters to measure usage in the case of a prolonged ban. If everyone simply uses the water they actually need, there will be plenty for everyone.

We would strongly advise the public to adhere to this advice as ignoring it will only cause further strain on resources and could lead to interruptions to supply.

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