Workers removed from oil platforms as hurricane threatens heavy rain, winds


She told Daily Star Online: "Former Atlantic hurricanes can have a huge impact on the UK's weather, but it can be both positive and negative".

The storm became a hurricane Tuesday as it moved further away from the coast of the Carolinas.

Hurricane-force winds extend outward up to 25 miles (35 km) from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend outward up to 90 miles (150 km). According to WRAL meteorologist Elizabeth Gardner, the storm will accelerate to the northeast Wednesday before moving over colder water in the North Atlantic and weakening.

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Thus, talking to reporters, he sharply criticized Germany in particular, calling it Russia's "captive". Trump praised Poland, noting that the Eastern European country "won't accept the (Russian) gas".

While it is expected to mostly miss the United States, the storm has already created risky conditions, and beach patrol officials in Ocean City, Maryland had already made 141 rescues as of Monday due to strong rip currents.

Chris is expected to create large swells along the east coast, which can result in life-threatening surf and rip currents. Looks like another storm right next to Tropical Storm Chris, but it won't ever get named and here's why.

Southeastern winds will increase and gust to roughly 80km/h overnight Thursday before switching over to northwesterly gusts of 70 km/h by Friday morning.

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On Thursday, Trump told reporters at a press conference in Brussels that to him, Putin, was a " competitor " rather than an enemy. Soloch said that U.S. sanctions against companies involved in Nord Stream 2 could be in the pipeline.

Forecasters also expect Chris to produce 1 to 3 inches of rain over Newfoundland.

The storm, however, may produce unsafe surf conditions, including a high rip along the coast of North Carolina and the mid-Atlantic states in the next few days and potentially creating life-threatening conditions, the NHC said in an advisory.

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Strzok was questioned for 11 hours over his role and alleged bias in a closed hearing of the two committees two weeks ago. Page left it voluntarily shortly after she joined the team and eventually left the Federal Bureau of Investigation .