10-year-old Clark Kent shatters Michael Phelps’ record


It's not only because he's a great swimmer, his real name is Clark Kent.

A 10-year-old boy by the name of Clark Kent has beaten a 23-year-old record set by Olympic champion Michael Phelps.

"Being a Michael Phelps record breaker is awesome, because Michael Phelps is one of the largest swimming icons in the world", said Apuada.

Michael Phelps
Getty ImagesPhelps

Clark Kent Apauda, 10, finished and won the Under 10s 100 metre butterly at the 2018 Far Western Long Course Championships in a time of 1:09.38.

"I thought to myself yeah if I had positive thoughts, positive things would happen".

Clark, though, has only been swimming competitively for four years, and is just out there having fun.

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Apuada is faster than Michael Phelps was at the same age.

National team swimmer Oliva, meanwhile, set a new Philippine record in the girls 16-18 200m butterfly, posting a time of 2:18.15 at the PC SuperLeague Championships in Santa Clara, California last July 15.

When not in the water, Apuada, according to one of his coaches, Dia Rianda, who is also the CEO of Salinas Aquatic Center, keeps himself busy with various activities like music and martial arts, as well as scientific and artistic pursuits.

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Speaking to CNN, Clark said that the load never gets too much for him.

'I deal with it really well, I just have to balance, ' he told CNN.

Apuada went on to win seven gold medals in seven events at the swim meet.

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Though he's only 10 years old, Apuada has already accomplished more in the pool than the Man of Steel ever did (unless we're forgetting a DC Comics issue that took place at a swim meet).