Accused Parkland shooter says demon spoke to him


"Why didn't he kill me?"

Cruz, 19, described to Broward County Sheriff's Det. The recorder inside the room was still running.

The report, with almost two-thirds of its content blacked out, was ordered released on Friday.

In response, Cruz reportedly said to the detective, "I don't like the demon", over and over.

Cruz cursed at himself and said he wanted to die. Why didn't he kill me? While authorities had previously said Cruz acknowledged that "he was the gunman who entered the school campus. and began shooting students", the newly-released transcript shows for the first time much of what he told police the day of the February 14 massacre and sheds light on his state of mind after the bloodshed.

When asked about the "demon", Cruz said its voice drove him to evil, led him to kill animals, listen to "evil" music and buy an arsenal of guns.

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The review of the district's conduct found that key missteps were made in handling Cruz's significant and well-documented special needs, including a failure to provide him with a full range of therapeutic services during his time at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. He did not resist arrest.

The final report shows school officials and county authorities missed multiple red flags and repeated requests by Cruz to retain special services for his mounting mental health issues. Because the trial is ongoing, a Florida law that bars direct confessions of guilt from public release before trial had previously prevented the transcript's release.

The Associated Press, along with other news outlets, sought the release of the 216-page heavily redacted transcript, which was disclosed Monday.

In May, prosecutors released three short videos Cruz recorded on his cellphone before the shooting, in which he said that he wanted his name to be remembered along with other perpetrators of mass shootings. Like, why? Like, we've. this is not who you are. You deserve to die because you're (expletive) worthless and you (expletive) (unintelligible) everyone. John Curcio that he had been hearing voices for years. "Because I have no one", he said. The transcript shows the gunman talking about his deceased parents and a demon that Cruz said was in his head.

In the beginning of the interview, the detective asked Cruz whether he would like some cold water. Cruz, who worked as a cashier at a Dollar Tree and had inherited money from his mother when she died four months earlier, estimated the collection had cost him about $4,000.

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Cruz said he heard voices.

Cruz described the voice as a male, about his age, and said the only person he ever told about it was his brother. "And then it's me".

Cruz at one point asked the detective if he was a psychologist and then requested one.

Curcio: "OK. How long has that voice been going on?" According to the report obtained by the Daily Beast, Cruz was not made aware of a fourth option: That he could remain enrolled at Marjory Stoneman Douglas and receive special assistance.

Cruz also admitted to taking drugs like Xanax and marijuana.

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