August 11 Partial Solar Eclipse: Best Times, Places to See


A partial solar eclipse takes place when the earth moves through the lunar penumbra as the moon travels between the earth and the sun. There are four types of solar eclipse (surya grahan).

A solar eclipse occurs, when Moon, the sun and the earth aligned in the same straight line. It adds by saying, "If someone is accidentally food-poisoned with potato salad during an eclipse, some might argue that the event was related to the eclipse itself even though hundreds of other people at the same location were not at all affected". As the moon passes in between the sun and the earth, the angle will be such that the centre of the shadow of the moon will not fall on the Earth so the effect won't be as dramatic.

This is caused by retinal burns which occur when the powerful rays of the Sun damage cells in the back of the eye.

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This weekend's solar eclipse will be a partial eclipse of the sun, not the spectacular total solar eclipse that thrilled millions a year ago.

On July 27, we had a stunning eclipse of the moon - the longest total lunar eclipse of the century. We call that crossing point a "node". Eclipses happen approximately every 173 days during what's called an eclipse season.

In 2018, the first eclipse was the super blue blood moon on January 31 followed by a partial solar eclipse on the February 15.

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The third and final solar eclipse of 2018 is just around the corner and is set to be the most-watched eclipse of the year.

Because of the moon's orbit, either two weeks before or after a total lunar eclipse, the moon reaches the opposite side of its orbit and crosses the ecliptic again - this time, at new-moon phase - resulting in an eclipse of the sun. Therefore, pinhole cameras and special solar eclipse glasses must be used to observe the phenomena. This is because the earth is not always at the same distance from the sun, and the moon is not always at the same distance from the earth. Addressing this particular belief of poisonous food during a solar eclipse, NASA had said a year ago, "Related to the false idea of harmful solar rays is that during a total solar eclipse, some kind of radiation is produced that will harm your food".

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