Australia's Turnbull: 'Now we are the land of droughts'


The cash payments help form a drought relief package of 190 million Australian dollars (140.6 million US dollars) for the dry spell that has cut across large parts of the country's east and south including New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

LOOK, any help during what is the worst drought in NSW in more than a half-century is better than a kick in the face from a cow.

He says the numbers also indicate there's not been a simple enough process for farmers to access the support.

The government is also setting money aside in a bid to cover the mental health of farmers.

Severe droughts are affecting several states across the nation.

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The package is set to be announced by the Prime Minister on Sunday.

"I think everyone agrees that we're seeing rainfall that is, if you like, more erratic, droughts that are more frequent and seasons that are hotter", he said.

Farmers have meanwhile expressed concerns the media is too heavily focused on drought "disaster" stories, fearing it could damage the reputation of Australia's livestock industry.

And with no decent rain on the horizon, not knowing when the nightmare will end is one of the most distressing things, grain grower John Eastburn says.

This increase will give farming families.

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The extra funding for the Rural Financial Counselling Service was also very welcome, Mr Maudsley said, and AgForce urged farmers to use the service and seek advice on how to apply for the Farm Household Allowance. The Australian Bureau of Meteorology says parts of Australia experienced the second-warmest summer (December-February) on record and have just been through one of the driest and warmest autumns (March-May) on record.

National Farmers' Federation chief executive officer Tony Mahar said the Government's support was a step in the right direction, but added there was no silver bullet.

Under the new arrangements farmers can now receive a fourth year of assistance from the FHA, when previously they could receive three years' of assistance.

McCormack echoed the prime minister and acknowledged the important role farmers have in the nation.

However the Department of Agriculture estimated that there may be 19,000 farmers eligible for Farm Household Allowance who had not yet applied for it.

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