Brad's Astro Extra: Best way to watch the Perseid meteor shower


The webcast, which you can also follow here at the Slooh website, will offer live commentary and views of the annual meteor shower.

The meteors can be traced to the Perseus constellation, from which they get their name, which will climb in the northeastern sky as the evening passes. It's an opportunity to see in excess of 60 meteors an hour!

This weekend we'll have a new moon, and moonless nights are great for viewing another nighttime phenomenon - the Perseid Meteor Shower.

How can you see the meteor shower?

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But in order to enjoy the sight of "shooting stars", clear skies are necessary. If that's accurate, it means that if you can see the stars of the Big Dipper, you should be able to see numerous Perseid meteors, astronomer Steven Bellavia from Brookhaven National Laboratory told Gizmodo.

"Although the peak is August 12 and 13, the subsequent two nights will offer good viewing as well", he said. When the pieces of debris heat up as they enter the Earth's atmosphere.

The photographs show the meteors leaving a stream of bright lights in their wake as they break through the atmosphere. Allow your eyes some time to adjust. So, inspired by a friend's tweet, I wondered - will city dwellers see the meteor shower?

And in some places, a sky free from clouds will not automatically mean a good view for the meteors.

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The short answer is, if you find a dark spot away from the streetlights and get your eyes adjusted, weather permitting, you might be able to see some.

On a normal year the planet usually just grazes the actual debris trail of Swift-Tuttle, causing a few meteors to be visible per hour.

The best way to view the meteor shower is by sitting in a reclining lawn chair or lying on your back and looking up at the sky with a wide view.

-If you plan on capturing them on camera, don't forget to lower the shutter speed!

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