Earth Overshoot Day comes early this year


Worryingly, 1 August marks the earliest Earth Overshoot Day ever since records began.

In 2018, humans will use up the equivalent of 1.7 Earths.

On this year's "Earth Overshoot Day" which was yesterday, it was announced that people have used up a full year's worth of the earth's resources, two days earlier than last year.However, the case is even more striking for Turkey.

"Our economies are running a Ponzi scheme with our planet".

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The party's exiled leaders denied any link to the attack and said the authorities were using the incident for political purposes. The interior ministry said the suspects showed "resistance" during a special operation launched after the incident.

Mr Wackernagel added: "It's time to end this ecological Ponzi scheme and leverage our creativity and ingenuity to create a prosperous future free of fossil fuels and planetary destruction". If we make changes, we have the potential to return to using resources at a rate that the planet can regenerate them by 2050.

Humanity is now consuming the Earth's natural resources at around 1.7 times faster than they can be naturally replaced - essentially this means an increasingly unsustainable way of life.

For example, if everyone in the world lived like a USA citizen, we would need five Earths to continue our lifestyle.

There are things that we can do to prevent the date from moving backwards every year, as detailed on the Earth Overshoot Day official website.

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But energy use is by far the main culprit: carbon use amounts to 60 percent of it, and barely 150 years ago this was non-existent.

This Earth Overshoot Day, the Center for Biological Diversity and Global Footprint Network will distribute more than 10,000 free endangered species condoms in 10 US cities with the largest carbon footprint to encourage Americans to have safe sex. On the other side of the world, Cape Town residents had to slash water consumption by half since 2015.

According to the Global Footprint Network, we emitted more carbon than the oceans and forests can absorb, we caught more fish, felled more trees, harvested more food, and consumed more water than the Earth is able to produce.

"These are consequences of busting the ecological budget of our one and only planet".

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Trump is even remotely serious, it's worth repeating why Democrats are yearning, aching, praying for him to fire Robert Mueller . He provided no evidence that the team led by Mueller, a Republican who was appointed by a Republican, is biased against him.

In the United States, fire seasons in California have been getting progressively worse, largely due to climate change and droughts.