Facebook Messenger unveils two augmented reality games for video chat


Early this year the bank launched its chatbot on Messenger to interact with its customers, although the service is limited to promoting new offerings and excludes banking services.

Responding to the WSJ article, Facebook said that the allegations were not true as all the company wants is to offer a chatbot service on Messenger where users can chat with their banks without having to wait on hold over the phone.

'Account linking enables people to receive real-time updates in Facebook Messenger where people can keep track of their transaction data like account balances, receipts and shipping updates.

Currently, there are two AR games, 'Don't Smile' and 'Asteroid Attack' that are available to play.

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The Messenger games can be played with up to six people and there's more now in the pipline, including "Beach Bump" and "Kitten Kraze".

While the AR game Don't smile is the virtual interpretation of the ultimate staring game, the Asteroid attack game requires users to guide a spaceship through their nose while avoiding obstacles.

The Facebook Messenger app is rolling out these AR Games for all users starting today.

Users will need to have the latest version of Facebook Messenger to gain access to the new games.

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Facebook is known for copying Snapchat's features for its social media platforms.

That chatbot integration, which has no humans on either end of the line to limit privacy risks, was announced past year and launched this March. The person on the other end of the video call will get a notification that you've started the game, and both the users can then indulge in some play time.

For now, it's going to be ads and in-app purchase free, but as Facebook is well aware of the fact that this is an earning source for many hence, the feature is expected to be added soon. Facebook has already brought AR to movie posters for the premiere of Ready Player One and has more plans for AR shopping on Messenger.

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