Judge halts deportation of mother and daughter, threatens Jeff Sessions with contempt


"That someone seeking justice in US court is spirited away while her attorneys are arguing for justice for her?"

"I'm not happy about this at all, " the judge said, according to the Post. "This is not acceptable".

Sullivan agreed with the American Civil Liberties Union that the immigrants they are representing in a federal lawsuit should not be deported while their cases are pending. The memo argues that only traditional interpretations of asylum eligibility, such as those persecuted by governments for their religion or politics, are valid and that recent innovations like granting asylum to people who face ordinary crime in their home countries will no longer be tolerated.

It was a dramatic illustration of the Trump administration's zeal for deportations running up against an increasing number of court challenges against its immigration policies. Turn that plane around and bring those people back to the United States'.

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Justice Department attorney Erez Reuveni said he had not been told the deportation was happening that morning, and could not confirm the whereabouts of Carmen and her daughter.

A spokeswoman for U.S. Customs and Immigration Enforcement, which implements deportations, did not respond to questions about why the Carmen and her daughter were removed from the country.

DHS did not immediately return Fox News' request for comment, but an official with the department said earlier in a statement, obtained by The Hill, that it was working to comply with the court's order to "turn the plane around".

As Carmen is with a child, and, therefore, can not be held in a typical facility for adults or separated from her child under current policy, it is likely they will be released into the American interior, free, despite having failed their credible fear determination.

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Carmen fled El Salvador in June with her daughter, claiming they received violent threats from gang members. Several co-workers at the factory where Carmen worked had been murdered, and her husband is also abusive, the paper added, citing records.

She sought police protection in 2016, but they did not protect her and Grace fled Guatemala, because she felt she wouldn't be safe in the country because of her partner and his sons' gang affiliation, according to the suit. Those who pass get a full hearing in immigration court. It argues the administration is wrongly rejecting asylum claims based on domestic abuse and gang violence.

The ACLU represents 12 people in the suit, including three children, from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, who had entered the US and sought asylum, but were been denied in a preliminary interview used to establish a "credible fear" of returning home.

The mother and child had been held at the Dilley South Texas Family Residential Center.

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Sessions has led efforts by the Trump Administration to crack down on illegal immigration, including the adoption of a zero tolerance policy that briefly included separating immigrant parents from their children while they were in US detention.