Mueller request signals Gates may still be cooperating


Gates, who had been on stand for more than seven hours by conclusion of Tuesday's testimony, is anticipated to be on stand for an additional hour more of cross-examination, according to Manafort's attorneys.

Prosecutors called Morgan Magionos, an Federal Bureau of Investigation forensic accountant, as the next witness to testify.

Manafort, 69, faces tax evasion and bank fraud charges, as he is accused of hiding a "significant percentage" of income earned from his lobbyist work in Ukraine from the IRS.

The trial is the first stemming from special counsel Robert Mueller's 14-month investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election and possible collusion between the Trump campaign and the Kremlin.

Ellis also criticized the prosecution for having one of their witnesses, IRS revenue agent Michael Welch, in the room to hear other witness testimony.

She said even though she worked with Gates a lot, it was clear to her that Manafort "knew what was going on" in most instances.

In one exchange published in court Wednesday, Manafort instructs his Cypriot lawyer, Kypros Chrysostomides - referred to in court as "Dr. K" because, according to Gates, his name is hard to spell and pronounce - to transfer money from the Manafort-controlled Leviathan Ltd.

Gates says he helped Manafort hide payments
That includes longtime Manafort deputy Rick Gates , who testified against his former boss. He told jurors he embezzled from Manafort by filing false expense reports.

I take pride when my clients say "thank you", this recognition of our impact on their success is rewarding.

Prosecutors are nearing the end of their case against Manafort. That includes longtime Manafort deputy Rick Gates, who testified against his former boss.

Ellis had repeatedly chided prosecutors, both in front of the jury and out of their hearing, during the trial.

Litman said he believed the indictment was hard to put together - "but once put together, a pretty straightforward case to prove".

Paul Manafort's former accountant was sacked from a Virginia firm after she told the court she was aware that Manafort's tax returns contained false information.

A confessed felon who helped President Donald Trump get elected wrapped up his testimony against an alleged criminal who ran Trump's presidential campaign on Wednesday, concluding three days of damning revelations about two men working for a president who claimed he hires only "the best people".

Asked why she engaged in misconduct, Laporta said she had few good choices.

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At times, Ellis has crossed lines, Litman said.

More recently, after the launch of the Mueller investigation but before his plea bargain, Gates lied to the FBI about a meeting between Manafort and an unnamed US Congressman regarding a "specific issue".

"The jury is very sensitive to what it perceives, correctly or not, to be the judge's view of the case", Gillers said. Ellis says he was likely in error and jurors should "put aside" his criticism. "Right now, it seems clear that it's the prosecution that should be specifically requesting that instruction from the judge in advance, as Judge Ellis has had some unusually cutting words for the prosecutors in this case". It's unclear how many witnesses Manafort's defense team will present to the jury. But prosecutors dropped charges against Gates after the former business partner took a plea deal and agreed to cooperate with prosecutors.

Emphasizing Gates's infidelity is a part of the defense's attempt to puncture his credibility and call into question the crimes he's accusing Manafort of committing.

Prosecutor Greg Andres immediately objected and Downing did not return to the subject after a hushed consultation among the lawyers with Judge T.S. Ellis. Gates testified that he had an extramarital affair a decade ago, and also that he embezzled hundreds of thousands of dollars from Manafort.

Rick Gates, the government's star witness, was also listed as an owner of several of the accounts.

Downing summed up his questioning by asking Gates: "After all these lies, and the fraud you have committed, you expect this jury to believe you?"

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