Ontario government to announce buck-a-beer plan


The Ontario government says it will offer "non-financial incentives" to brewers who sell their beer for $1 once the province's buck-a-beer plan is in place later this month. It's up to brewers to actually pass down the savings of $1 beer to consumers.

Asked whether he was concerned that cheaper beer might contribute to substance abuse and other harms, Ford said he trusts Ontario consumers to make smart choices when it comes to alcohol, regardless of the lower price.

A partial or year-round promotional arrangement for even one brewer selling buck-a-beer in the province could easily represent more than $100,000 in lost revenue to the LCBO.

"We're going to do this smartly and responsibly. Does he think reducing the beer price floor from $1.25 to $1 will solve real problems?"

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"Under Ford's plan, brewers won't be required to charge less but they will be given incentives like prime spots in LCBO stores".

The lower minimum price will not apply to draft beer and won't include the bottle deposit.

It is unknown if any additional Ontario craft breweries will participate. "My friends we're going to do our part because a buck a beer is coming to a shelf near you".

Meek says Kitchesippi contributes to the community through a variety of charitable events and supports a staff that is well-paid with good benefits, both of which would have to be cut if he were to cut the price of a bottle of beer to a dollar. "And it won't affect the provincial treasury as beer is a volumetric tax".

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At the time, the Liberals defended their move by saying a price hike would result in people drinking less.

And Muskoka Brewery added "We support living wages and fresh quality brews".

"Yeah, I'll take it", said one man unloading empties.

"I'd like to see gas lowered to that price instead of the beer", said another man.

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"Lowering the price of alcohol carries implications and risks for public safety", MADD Canada said in a statement.