Team gives medication to sick killer whale at sea


"Is that not only is she not improving, it looks like she's deteriorating over the period of time when we would expect to see the condition improve".

"This type of grief in people often goes underground, it's, 'It's just a dog, an animal, move on.' People go underground with these feelings, they are delegitimized".

Michael Milstein, a spokesman with NOAA Fisheries, told KIRO that researchers with Fisheries and Ocean Canada also spotted another member of the same pod on Wednesday.

Experts at the Whale Museum on San Juan Island have been monitoring the whale since her calf died last month. Scientists had no plans to take the calf away from J35 or her pod, noting the "tight bond, "reports The Seattle Times".

Tahlequah, the 20-year-old mother orca, is also known as J35, and researchers fear she could be in danger.

There are only 75 of the mammals left.

Earlier this year, a study by a non-profit organisation revealed whales and dolphins will hold "vigils" for their dead. Yet still she clings to the body of her baby.

'The baby was so newborn it didn't have blubber.

University of Washington scientist Deborah Giles said she was heartbroken for what is happening with the mom and child.

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Giles said the spotlight on the animals, while itself disgusting news, has already led to skyrocketing worry about their plight.

During the first three days of her calf's death, the orca swam with her pod but carried along her baby's almost 400 pound body. It is that simple. "I think she is grieving". But what is unknown is her condition going into her pregnancy, and after the loss of it.

"The connections between these animals are very strong, and to remove one from her familial group would have serious repercussions", she explained.

Killer whales carry their dead calves for a week or so. It's made up of three pods, all of which have been listed as endangered in both the USA and Canada.

They're not getting enough of the large, fatty Chinook salmon that make up their main diet.

Female orcas have been having pregnancy problems because of nutritional stress linked to lack of salmon.

The calf died not long after its birth on July 24.

'On average we expect a few calves born each year.

Brad Hanson, a wildlife biologist with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association in the United States, said removing the calf, in order to encourage the whale to forage, is not an option.

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"I am gravely concerned for the health and mental well being of J35".

"A female killer whale ... could probably fast for about four weeks before it gets into a detrimental state", Noren said.

The breath droplets will be analyzed for possible pathogens.

While the other whales were actively foraging for food, Haulena said they couldn't tell if she had been eating. But the whale did not smell as bad on Saturday.

She said it became evident that "we needed to intervene to determine potentially what was the cause and whether there was anything we could do to assist her". By doing so, you will help ensure that there are plenty of fish in the sea for the animals who actually need to eat these aquatic creatures to survive (unlike us).

Since then, an adult male orca went missing in June and is presumed dead.

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee has set up a task force to find solutions to help increase the number of killer whales.

"It's starting to come apart", she said. It is among a handful of tests they are running. 'We have to address the issue of salmon restoration, wild salmon particularly, ' Balcomb said. Their movements are closely tracked and photographed by researchers, whale watchers and fans.

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