The Fortnite Guided Missile Returns with Patch 5.10


The Guided Missile is indeed back in Fortnite thanks to an update today, but there's plenty that you need to know regarding its effectiveness.

In addition, the battle royale version of the perpetually popular shooter has added a new Limited Time Mode, Fly Explosives, which kits you out with jetpacks where you attack with only - you've guessed - explosive weapons. The new Fly Explosives Limited Time Mode is here and it's a blast for the whole squad. First, jetpacks have an increased fuel regeneration rate and a decreased burn rate, which means operators will be able to stay in the air longer.

The Guided Missiles have only just made their return to the world of Fortnite, thought it was triumphant than what Epic Games was probably hoping for. The fuse of the rocket has been decreased from 18 seconds to down to 15.

While Fortnite Content Update 5.1 is indeed a Content Update by name, it should be known that the patch does require a download of varying sizes on all platforms.

Fortnite Version 1.69 Update Patch Notes Fly Explosives

The Guided Missile returns from the Vault! Now, with its destructive properties being limited and a cap on rockets, it's more useful for suppression and scouting over eliminating opponents.

Profile Stats (k/d and wins) are tracked in this mode.

The following weapons and items have been added to the Playground LTM only.

Consumable Healing Item spawn rates have been normalized by lowering Chug Jug and shield spawn rates.

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The weapon is available in both Epic and Legendary variants.

The biggest nerfs hit player and structure damage.

Explosions now damage structures with no regard for line of sight.

Nameplates will no longer appear for members of the opposite team.

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Guided Missile can also be controlled via keyboard using the default movement inputs.

Slurp Juice issues have also been fixed in this release.

An accurate, high-powered, scoped sniper rifle with a single round per magazine that kicks like a mule.

The servers are expected to be down around 1:00 AM PT/4:00 AM ET tomorrow, so expect to see these missiles very soon.

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